The Cardia Isles are a group of islands appearing in 8-Bit Theater. On one of the islands Bahamut resides. This island is appeareantly very humid and has unstable footing, considering that Black Mage, Fighter and Red Mage each fell through the ground. Thief didn't fell due to a special elven ability.

The other island consists.of a race of Chocobos. Red Mage mutilated the chocobos as an alternative for the destroyed Deathtrap. The results were a giant hideously chocobo, and the golden chocobo of might. (That only refers to his color). The Light Warriors also gained their class changes here.

After those events the Cardia Isles are not brought up again.


  • According to Sarda the Cardia Islands are the ancient ruins of the Dragon Empire.

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