The Dark Warriors from left to right: Drizz'l, Garland, Vilbert von Vampire, and Bikke

The Dark Warriors are an incompetent group of villains previously defeated by the Light Warriors. Their base of operations is the Temple of Fiends and have attempted to attack Corneria Castle on at least two occasions.


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Other Dark WarriorsEdit

At one point, Princess Sara was offered the position of fourth Dark Warrior by Drizz'l, although she simply laughed at the idea, deeming them pathetic.

After Vilbert's defeat, there were many discussions on the Nuklear Power Forums concerning who would be the fourth Dark Warrior. Besides Vilbert, there were various theories including Dr. Malpractice, the Sulk, Princess Sara, King Steve, one of the "real" Light Warriors, Ranger, Berserker, and Kary.

During the Light Warriors' return to the Temple of Fiends, Black Mage Evilwizardington betrayed his teammates and replaced Drizz'l (the leader of the Dark Warriors at the time).

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