8-Bit Theater
E3 ‘05: Monster Manual
Monster Manual
Guest comic by Jonathan Todd
Date Published Monday, May 23, 2005
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The party encounters real-life animals and mistakes them for monsters...

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A farm


FighterI can't wait until we get to the Temple of Fiends! I'll bet Garland has about a million swords!
Can you imagine? He'd need to have like a hundred arms just to hold them all!
Black MageKeep up this incessant rambling, and they'll all be penetrating your larynx shortly following our arrival.
Red MageHalt! Ready your weapons, fellow warriors. We are about to face the wrath of...
Red Mage(towards a horse) A Madpony! sure that's not just a regular horse?
Red MageNonsense! Says right here: Madpony, 64 HP, 10 STR, 53 EXP...
FighterI don't want to hurt the little horsie.
Black MagePansy.
Red MageFighter! Use your swords!
FighterSwords!? I'd love to!
Red MageBlack Mage! Fir2!
Black MageExcellent.
Red MageThief! Umm...steal its horseshoes, or something.
Red Mage63 EXP, here I come!
The party attacks the horse, while Red Mage watches gloatingly...
Black MageJob's finished.
Red change in EXP on my character sheet...
The farmer appears, enraged upon seeing his dead horse.
Farmer(brandishing his pitchfork) Wut in tarnation 'av y'all gone done ta mah horse, gosh dernit!?
Red MageRun away!
Some time later...
ThiefSo, Fighter, having averted the farmer's impending wrath, would you care to discuss the future ownership of his right boot?
FighterWould I ever!
Black MageYou do realise that that's your left foot...
Red MageCut the small talk, guys. I think I just spotted a Manticor.

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