8-Bit Theater
E3 '05: The Heart of the Matter
We know what you're thinking.
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Date Published Monday, May 16th, 2005
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Black Mage gives White Mage a heart for a present.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A forest


Black MageWait up, White Mage! I've gots something to show you!
White Mage(pulling out a +1 hammer) My Hammer of Righteous Wrath +1 is at ready, Black Mage, so think really carefully...
Black Mage(takes out a present) A present! I gots a present for you!
White Mage(beams, opening the present) Oh, sorry! This - this is so sweet. So there is a vaguely human side to you, after all!
Black Mage(sweats) In lieu of words, let that little heart tell you what I feel. It's gots your initials carved into it.

And mine.
White Mage(becomes grim) ...
White MageBlack Mage, whose heart is this?
Black MageAww, don't you like it?
FighterGive back heart. Please....dying...
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