8-Bit Theater
Episode 1168
Episode 1168
My, haven't we heard that a lot
Might Come Down?
Date Published September 3rd, 2009
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Fighter's secretly a genius.

Cast AppearingEdit



FighterI know how we can survive!
Black MageDon't tell me.
Black MageYou want us to flip upside-down because you think the Earth will flip with us and we'll gently touch down at the "apex" of our "fall".
FighterNo, we--
Black Mage--Mime like we're walking downstairs until we reach the ground floor?
FighterNo, all we have to--
Black Mage--Do is hold our breath and float to the ground like four balloons?
FighterThat's good, but no. Me and Thief hold on to you and Red Mage, and then you guys cast feather fall!
ThiefWait. That's not stupid.
Red MageBrilliant, in fact.
There's a problem, but it's an easy fix.
Red MageYou'll have to double cast it on yourself, Black Mage.
I used up all my spells back there.
Black MageYeah, about that.
Black MageRemember back when I had those wonderful tendrils made of evil?
And how they could do anything?
Maybe you could understand why one would dump all non-apocalyptic spells given that advantage.
Eh heh?
Red MageGoddammit, Black Mage


  • Strangely, the title of this episode has a colon after "Episode", which no other episode in the series has.

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