8-Bit Theater
Episode 008
Episode 008
Adventurers 1, Giant 0, Manchester United 2
Adventurers 1, Giant 0
Date Published March 23rd, 2001
Previous Comic Episode 007: Kamehameha!... or something.
Next Comic Episode 009: What the thief says...
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The party get out of the forest using a more unconventional travel method.




A giant mushroom cloud fills the air, followed by a smoldering crater.
FighterOverkill much?
Black MageThe giant's gone, ain't he?
Pan out to show the two of them in the remains of the forest, which consists of only a crater.
FighterYeah, but so's the whole forest!
Black MageEr... well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um... destroying a forest.

Or something.

FighterYou could've killed us with that blast!
Black MageYeah, but I didn't. Besides, now that the forest is gone, we're not lost.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the crater...
ThiefThe Thief's Almanac didn't say anything about atomic detonations either...

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