8-Bit Theater
Episode 021
Episode 021
Death comes in many varieties, especially if you've stolen from Black Mage.
Assaulting the Elderly at Last!
Date Published April 27th, 2001
Previous Comic Episode 020: The Quest to Assault the Elderly Continues!
Next Comic Episode 022: Mission Accomplished!
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The old men eat some electric death.




Black Mage starts charging his spell.
Old Man 2What's he doing?
Old Man 1Well, if I had to guess, I'd say that's electric death.
Black MageBolt-2, mutha fugga!
Black Mage fries the old men.
The Bartender hides behind the bar.
Black MageThis'll go a lot easier if you co-operate. Got me!

I wanna know which one of you old crusty old punks took a whole lotta gold from my idiot friend, Fighter.

The men's corpses just sizzle.
Black MageWrong answer!
BartenderIt wasn't them! They haven't left this building in ten years.

Please don't kill me.

Black MageYoing!

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