8-Bit Theater
Episode 029
Episode 029
"Lousy White Mage's oath"
The Last Resort
Date Published Monday May 14th, 2001
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Will Black Mage survive or will White Mage break the White Mage oath?

Cast AppearingEdit



White MageI know I should.
Black Mage(weakly) Agony.
White MageOh fine. Cure!
Black Mage receives 40 HP from the Cure spell.
Black MageStrength... returning. Bones... mended. Organs... healed. Self-naration... fading.

And I owe it all to you.

White MageYeah, well let's not make a big thing of it. I just did what had to be done.
Black MageWait. I... I want to apologize to you.
White Mage(quietly) This oughta be good.
Black MageY'see, It's just that you're obviously a very intelligent and beautiful woman and I guess I was trying to impress you.
White MageWhy?
Black MageWell, um... my friend and I are trying out for that Light Warrior job I thought that...
White MageA White Mage would make an excellent addition to the team?
Black MageEr... yeah!
White MageWell, why didn't you say so?
Black MageI guess I got nervous about approaching a woman of your high calibur (sic).
White MageA cute little guy like you doesn't have anything to be nervous about.

Now let's meet this friend of yours.

Black Mage(Thinking) Wow, that actually worked! Sucker!

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