8-Bit Theater
Episode 033
Episode 033
The question on everyone's lips: Why didn't Thief do that on White Mage?
"Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as..."
Date Published Wednesday May 23rd, 2001
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Thief shows off his special skills as a... well, as a thief.

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Black MageWell, since Fighter was idiotic enough to make you our contractual team leader, I guess you're in, Thief. But could you at least clue me into what skills, other than amorality, you'll bring to the party?
ThiefWell, I can steal stuff.
Black MageWhat good is that?
With a "FOOSH", Thief takes off Fighter's clothes.
Black Mage?!
White Mage
Cut to a naked Fighter, with a black box with the word 'censored' hiding most of his body.
FighterAnyone else feel a draft?
Black MageWow!
White Mage(blushing) You're tellin' me!
Black Mage 'Yoinks' Fighter clothes from Thief and dresses Fighter.
Black MageOK, so you can steal stuff, but can you fight?
Thief takes out two blades and swings them rapidly in front of him with a 'Bzzrrrrrrr' sound.
Black MageWow again!
White Mage(next to Fighter) You're tellin' me, again.
Black MageGrrr, White Mage, why don't you tells us what you can do?
White MageHm? Er, Oh yes. Well, I healed Black Mage from the brink of death after I beat him within an inch of his life with my giant hammer.
FighterYou got beat up by a girl? Sucker!
Black Mage(quietly) Yeah.

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