8-Bit Theater
Episode 036
Episode 036
I don't think Black Mage likes Fighter
Survivor 8-bit Style
Date Published Wednesday May 30th, 2001
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In the first of a twelve part special, our heroes choose who they want to evict from the party.

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageClearly, one of us has to go.
Black MageFIGHTER!
White MagePerhaps we should hold a vote?
Black MageFIGHTER!
ThiefThat's an excellent idea, White Mage.
Black MageNot as excellent as getting rid of Fighter I bet
FighterWe should do a secret ballot though so no one's feelings are hurt.
Black MageVote for Fighter! Be gone, foul spawn of idiocy! I command it!
White MageGood thinking, Fighter, I just happen to have some slips of paper here that we can use to vote with.
Black MageThrow out Fighter! Don't you see? This is my chance to finally be rid of his bungling!
ThiefExcellent. Of course, as the contractual leader of whatever team is henceforth formed, I am exempt from being voted out.

(Thinking of Black Mage, White Mage, Fighter and Red Mage) Suckers!

Red MageNow we just need something to cast the votes in. Like a giant oversized hat or something.
Everyone looks at Black Mage.
Black MageI've got black magic, a hair trigger, and a short fuse. Bring it!


This was the first episode to be made in a GIF format. The previous comics were created as JPEGs.

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