8-Bit Theater
Episode 041
Episode 041
He's gonna die
It Just Got Weird in Survivor 8-bit Style Part 6
Date Published Monday June 11th, 2001
Previous Comic Episode 040: It's Easy To Think of Titles When I Just Keep Using Stuff Like Survivor 8-bit Style Part 5
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As Black Mage fixes the votes, he unintentionally mentally scars a child.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageOK. Now let's have a look at those votes.
The four votes are revealed. Three of them say 'Black Mage' and one has a picture of Black Mage with an X across it.
Black MageCretins! Don't they realize that my power, and my power alone, can possibly see us through the hordes of monsters out there?
Image shows a monster with Thief, Fighter, Red Mage and White Mage dead in front of him and Black Mage saying "Told Ya!"
Black MageWhy, I ought to vaporize the lot of them with a well placed dose of killing them where they stand!

...But then I wouldn't have anyone to stand in front of me in battle to take all the hits.

Image showing the monster shouting "Next!" with Black Mage on his own saying "Aw, crud."
Black MageSo I'll just go with my original plan and cheat like crazy. Bwa hahahahaha!

Adios-ville, population Fighter!

Black Mage creates four new votes, three with the word 'Fighter' and one with the words 'Sword Guy'

The Onion Kid walks towards the building where Black Mage is hiding.

Onion KidBoy, it sure is fun being an innocent, little carefree kid. La la la!
The Onion Kid bumps into Black Mage.
Onion KidOh, I'm sorry, mister. I didn't see you there.
Black Mage(putting his hat in front of his face) DON'T LOOK AT ME!
Onion KidARGH!
Cut back to rest of the party.
White MageWell. No good can come of that.


The monster sprite featured in this episode is the same as that of Tiamat, one of the Four Fiends in Final Fantasy. However Muffin (the 8-Bit counterpart of Tiamat) doesn't use this sprite.

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