8-Bit Theater
Episode 043
Episode 043
"I was actually going to cast Fire-2 on him and make you some onion gravy!"
Wacky Hijinks Ensue in Survivor 8-bit Style Part 8
Date Published Friday June 15th, 2001
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Everyone finds out Black Mage is fixing the vote.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageOK, I know what you're thinking, but this isn't what it looks like.
White MageIt looks like this harmless child stumbled upon you while you were fixing the vote so you eliminated him as a witness and now you're doing away with his body as evidence in what will surely become this week's trial of the century.
Black MageHa! Shows what you know. I fixed the vote way before he stumbled upon me. So there.
ThiefIt's getting to be so that you can't trust anybody these days.
Red MageI would criticise him, but he really ought to get an XP bonus for staying in character.
FighterMage, how could you do this! I thought we could trust you!
Black Mage I am evil, ya know. This is what I do.
White Mage scowls at Black Mage.
Black MageWell, I am.
White MageOne side, jerk-ass.
Black Mage(thinking) She wants me.
White MageIt's a good thing I know my share of healing spells. Not to mention morals!
Black MageHey! I know of them!

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