8-Bit Theater
Episode 047
Episode 47
Black Mage farts out of his hands... and likes to light them!
The Last of Survivor 8-bit Style Part 12
Date Published Sunday June 24th, 2001
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The last Light Warrior spot is between White Mage and Red Mage. Who will clinch it?

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageWell, now that we are done with that stupid brat...
Meanwhile, in the next alley...
Onion Kid(whilst in a trash can) I think I smell wang.
Cut back to the Light Warriors.
Black MageWe can get back to voting Fighter away.
White MageHere's a hint. Next time you fix a vote, don't just write the fake votes on the backs of the real votes, OK?
Black MageEr, I didn't do that. In fact, you can't prove a thing!
Black Mage burns the votes using a spell.
White MageAck!
FighterLooks like we have to vote again.
Black MageLet's get serious here...
White MageSon of a...
Black MageThief can't be voted out because you signed him up to be our legally binding slavemaster for life, you jack ass.
Black MageYou and I can't be voted out because we're the founding members of the team.
I hate you.
So the only real decision here then is between Red Mage and White Mage.
ThiefWell, for the good of the team, not to mention so I can learn more of these 'feats', I vote for Red Mage.
White MageBut I contribute a wealth of healing spells to the party which we will no doubt need in our adventures.
Red MageAh, but I can cast white magic as well.
White MageBut I can cast a greater range of spells, do so more effectively, and more often.
Red MageBut... I like swords!
FighterYay for Red Mage! I like him the best!
Thief, Red Mage and Fighter do a high five.

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