8-Bit Theater
Episode 056
Episode 56
The word "gullible" is now officially out of the dictionary
Hey, It's Almost Like the Plot is Moving Now!
Date Published Monday July 16th, 2001
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The Light Warriors lie their way into the castle. A robot wants a friend.

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageFor some reason, I feel as though my encumbrance has been reduced by an amount equal to the weight of the gold I know I was carrying and haven't bothered to check since waking up.
ThiefEr, um, I wouldn't worry about it, Red Mage. In fact, look over there!
Red Mage looks in the direction of a robot.
RobotWhat are you looking at, flesh-bag?
Red MageUm...
Black MageWell, this is the castle.
FighterHey there, talkative guard. What's up?
Corneria GuardThe king is looking for the Light Warriors. You do not happen to be them, do you?
FighterI... do not... do... happen to... swords?
Black MageBe gone, you bungler.
Black Mage shoves Fighter out of the way.
Black MageAhem. Light Warriors? Er, um. Yeah. That's us. We're here to see the king.
Corneria GuardCool. Go on in.
Black Mage...Really? Wow, that was easy.
ThiefLess lingering at the scene of our blatant lie, more running into the castle.
Cut to Red Mage and the robot.
Thief(off screen) C'mon Red Mage! The fools are gonna let us in!
Red Mage leaves the robot.
RobotRobot only want friend.

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