8-Bit Theater
Episode 057
Episode 57
Well What Did You Think He'd Do?
Date Published Wednesday July 18th, 2001
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Inside the very wealthy interior of Corneria Castle, Thief gets to work straight away.

Cast AppearingEdit



The Light Warriors walk past several famous paintings, including the Mona Lisa. The walls are plated with gold.
Red MageWow, this place is really nice.

I even think the walls are plated with gold..

FighterYeah, this castle is fit for a king!
Black Mage scowls at Fighter.
Black MageJust shut up.
Red MageMan, some of this stuff must cost a fortune.
FighterYeah, I bet it's worth a king's ransom!
Black Mage scowls at Fighter again.
FighterWhat'd I say!
ThiefWe shouldn't just hang around in the halls like riff-raff. The guards might catch us.
Black MageSo?
Pan out, showing that Thief had been removing the gold from the walls and putting them in a money bag. A Corneria guard stands behind him.
Black Mage(thinking) He even took the gold from the walls! I am loathe to admit it, but I respect Thief's capacity for evil.
Corneria GuardHey. Where's you get all this stuff?
ThiefEr. I came in with it?
Corneria GuardOh. Well, carry on then.
ThiefRun for it!
Red MageDarn you, thief!
Black Mage

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