8-Bit Theater
Episode 060
Episode 60
Hot with destiny!!!
The Mystery of the Ladder--REVEALED!
Date Published Wednesday July 25th, 2001
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The Light Warriors receive the Orbs of Light... sort of.

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Black Mage stands the ladder against the wall, climbs it and takes four light bulbs from the ceiling. He shows them to Carol
Black MageSo yeah. That's four Orbs of Light. Don't touch them, they are hot. Hot with destiny!
CarolWell. They are orbs. And they are hot.
Black MageSee? You can't argue with fate. Now let us see the King.
CarolI'll buzz you in.
And so, in the throne room...
King SteveSo you're saying that if we send every Light Warrior applicant, it will result in untold bloodshed as their worthless bodies are slain by the vast armadas of evil lurking in the shadows of our vast, dangerous world?
Queen JaneYes.
King SteveAnd that is... bad?
Carol(offscreen) Excuse me your highnesses, there are some Light Warriors here to see you.
King SteveOh, don't bother with that, Carol. Just send 'em out into the wild to be slain like the fodder they no doubt are.
Queen JaneNo no no! Send them in so we can interview them first.
King SteveOh right. We're trying to stop senseless and rampant death. Sorry, hon. Won't happen again, I promise.

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