8-Bit Theater
Episode 061
Episode 61
How'd he get elected, anyway?
Another Bad Plan
Date Published Saturday July 28th, 2001
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King Steve interviews the budding Light Warriors.

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King SteveSo, you boys wanna be Light Warriors? Tell me, do you have Orbs of Light?
Black MageYeah, I've got your Orbs of Light right here...
ThiefHe better keep his robes on.
FighterTell me about it.
Black MageI already did that joke, you morons.
King Steve(holding the light bulbs) Hm... these Orbs of Light are kinda warm.
Black MageUh, their destiny must be cooling off. We haven't a moment to spare!.
King SteveOhhhh. Well then it's a good thing you guys got here when you did!
Queen JaneYes. You four must be the true Light Warriors. These Orbs prove it.
Black MageYeah, it's not like you can fake that kind of thing.
ThiefSpeaking of which, let's sign the unbreakable contract that officially names us as the Light Warriors.
King SteveSounds good to me!
Queen JaneI'll have a servant fetch the royal lawyer.
Thief holds out a scroll entitled Incomp-rensi-ble Legal-ese.
ThiefOh, there's no need for that. Why, I've got some papers drawn up right here.
King SteveSince you guys are the Light Warriors, you must be trustworthy. Therefore, I won't bother to read the document and simply sign at the bottom without a single question.
Thief(thinking) Hm. 'Thieferia.' I like the sound of that...
Red MageI'm glad he's on our side.
Black MageBut if you think about it... is he?
FighterI prefer not to think about it.

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