8-Bit Theater
Episode 064
Episode 64
No BM, that is Fighter's head
The Poor Sap Falls For It Every Time
Date Published Saturday August 4th, 2001
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As the Light Warriors get ready for their big journey, Black Mage plays a prank on Fighter.

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Black MageWell. Looks like we're the Light Warriors now.
FighterYup! Why, I can already feel my destiny warming up!
Black MageWhy do I allow you to breathe? Why?
FighterI always thought it was my wit and candor.
Red MageBefore we set out for some leveling (sic) up, we should pool our money to invest in some weapons, armor, items, and spells and then stay at the local inn.
ThiefGood idea, Red Mage
Thief faces the other way from the rest of the party.
ThiefPlus, it'll give me time to take care of some business.
Black MageJust because you face the other way doesn't mean we can't still hear you.
ThiefEr... as your leader, I command you all to forget what I just said.
FighterWait, you mean we should forget to forget what you said, or we should forget the part before that which I have already forgotten since it didn't involve swords and is therefore meaningless?
Thief(to Black Mage) Why do you allow him to breathe?
Black MageWell, really it all comes down to this. Hey, Fighter.

You've got... a giant spider on your face!

ThiefHeh. Yeah, that is pretty cool.
Red MageWow. By the meters/turn equation, he's got a pretty high dexterity score.

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