8-Bit Theater
Episode 067
Episode 67
An alternative to eye laser treatment
Give 'em the Ol' Fire Poker in the Eye!
Date Published Sunday August 12th, 2001
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Maybe the Light Warriors will actually start buying stuff. Maybe not.

Cast AppearingEdit



FighterBut wait, how can we afford new swords and whatever junk you guys want when Black Mage never did find that old man in the blue robe who took all our gold?
Black Mage(thinking) Blue robe...?

(speaking) No, I never beat the living hell out of some innocent old guy and ran off with his gold and spent it all on a collection of ancient spells that could easily level a small kingdom (or very large township) if they were placed into the wrong hands--hands such as mine very own!

(thinking) Whew, those suckers actually believed me!

Everyone looks at Black Mage.
Black MageWhat!
Red MagePerhaps we could use some of the money from Thief's 'findings.'
ThiefOr perhaps we could all stick white hot iron rods in our eyes until we spear our brains!
ThiefAnd that's exactly why we won't be using my money.
Black MageWait, that doesn't even make--
ThiefI said, that's exactly why we won't use my money
FighterDon't push it, mage! Your meddling will get us fire pokeys in our eyes!
Black Mage(thinking) Keep your eyes on the prize, BM. The world will burn with your evil soon enough

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