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Episode 071
Episode 071
This sounds mighty familiar...
Sometimes He Should Really Keep Quiet
Date Published Saturday August 25th, 2001
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Will Carl and Lenny see Black Mage from under that ridiculous disguise?

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CarlHm. Lenny, run that description of the Black Mage by me one more time.
LennySure, Carl. Let's see, the suspect was reported as wearing a dopey looking pointy hat, and light blue robes that are several seasons out of style. Oh, and he has beady little eyes and he smells quote, 'really weird'.
Black MageI do not 'smell'! Those are my spell components, you dolts! I require them to conjur up the incredibly evil powers at my command!


is what I would be saying if I were that vile, handsome, and charming servant of the damned. Curse his bones, I say! curse 'em!

(thinking) They're on to me! They're on to me! They're on to me!

CarlHe has a point, y'know. He probably would say that if he really was the mage that we're looking for.
LennyI guess we've no other choice than to check out the strip club district.
CarlWait. Why do we have to go to the strip club district?
LennyTsk. Everyone knows that all black mages frequent strip clubs.
CarlNo they don't
LennyYes they do
CarlNo they--
LennyYes, they do.
The guards stare at Black Mage.
Black MageOK. I have to remain calm and rational or else this could go very badly for me.

So what I have to ask myself is this: How will I dispose of their bodies...

...and where can I find enough soap to clean up the horrible, horrible bloody mess?

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