8-Bit Theater
Episode 076
Episode 76
There've only been five.
Fighter and Red Mage Are Back
Date Published Friday September 7th, 2001
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The Light Warriors meet up at the Inn, minus Thief.

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Later that day in room 2-A...
FighterWe're back!
Black MageHey guys. Where are all of the weapons you were supposed to buy?
Red MageWe'd be better off using harsh language than the pathetic wooden pieces of... pathetic... weapons that these people call... weapons.
Black MageUm...
Red MageShut up. I've been hanging out with Fighter all day.
Red MageI could literally feel him sucking away at my... brain-thinky score thing.
Black MageYou mean Intelligence?
FighterIntelligence is how I thought up Sword-Chucks..
Red MageBy Mordekainen's +5/+5 Wand of Sorcerery, he's lowered my int score just by being near me!

Quick, ask me about some insipid little rule you'd never bother to enforce!

Black MageI don't know what you're talking about.
FighterHow many swords could a sword-chuck chuck if a sword-chuck could chuck swords? I made that up all by myself.
Red MageDamn your merely casual attention to the physics that govern our fickle-fated world!
Black MageHe talked about swords the whole time, didn't he? It's clearly driven you insane.
Red MageNo no no, listen. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about.

Er... uh...

Dah! I can't even think of an example! Can't you see I've lost my encyclopedic knowledge of every handbook and player's guide known to man!

Black MageSo what? It was a really annoying skill anyway.
Red MageBut it's all I've got...

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