8-Bit Theater
Episode 077
Episode 77
Truly a master of deception.
And Now Thief is Back
Date Published Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
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Thief demonstrates his powers of manipulation, while Fighter demonstrates his power to suck the intelligence of others with his mere presence.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageHey, Thief. Did the desk clerk give you any trouble? He was being pissy about the four beds thing... and that lightning bolt to the temple.
ThiefDesk clerk?
Black MageYeah, the dude at the front desk in the lobby when you first came into the building.
Thief's thought bubble appears.
ThiefHey, look over there.
Innkeeper looks away, Thief steals the room key. Thought bubble vanishes.
ThiefOh yeah, that guy. What about him?
Black MageWell, didn't he bug you about asking for the room key?
ThiefWhat key?
Black Mage...To this room.
ThiefBut that defeats the whole purpose of me sneaking into these rooms and stealing everything that's not bolted down and on fire...
ThiefSo what're you guys doing here? Or did Red Mage pick the lock by applying a difficulty modifier to his Sword Play and Basic Mechanics skills to somehow create a patchwork lock picking skills?
Red Mage... Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?!
FighterDid you know that neither Mr Pibb nor Dr Pepper use the little dot thingie for their abbreviations?
Red MageAh yes. Listening to you for a few hours. That's why.
FighterThey both start with P too. You just know that can't be a coincidence.
Black MageFighter, shut up or I will stab your face off.

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