8-Bit Theater
Episode 084
O' why does one walk one's path through one's wood?
Maybe He's Greedy For a Good Cause?
Date Published Friday, October 5th, 2001
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We gain an insight into why Thief steals so much.

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First Mention OfEdit

  • Thief's lineage with the Elves.


An image of a footpath in a wood is shown.
UnknownYou know that ours is a limited immortality!
ThiefYes, yes. We live as long as that which we are sworn to survives.
UnknownExactly! And what would happen if you were the sworn protector of a kingdom on the verge of ruin?
Thief...what are you saying?
UnknownThe King. Did you think his declining health was simply a coincidence, young one?
ThiefNo... no, it cannot be.
UnknownNow you know the true price of out so-called 'ageless race'.
ThiefI refuse to stand idly by while our sire riots like the very Earth of our once glorious kingdom.
UnknownWhat is it that you propose to do?
ThiefIt is quite simple. If the kingdom can be salvaged, then the King shall recover.
UnknownBut how? The years of war against the Dwarven kingdom has bled us dry.
ThiefThe forests have been my charge, so I shall seek my fortune and my fate there. I will follow its paths, its will. It will guide me.
Back to the Inn.
ThiefAnd so far it's guided me to several million gil worth of suckers. Suckers!

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