8-Bit Theater
Episode 091
That's just as bad as our caption jokes
Poor Red Mage
Date Published Wednesday, October 31st, 2001
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While Red Mage is busy dying, the Light Warriors discuss put-down lines.

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Black MageHow long is this going to take?
Red Mage falls flat on the floor.
FighterI don't think your plan worked.
Red Mage(dazed) I blame myself mostly.
Black MageMe too
Red MageI should've double checked everyone's initiative rolls to make sure that the NPCs went after all of us.
FighterI should think that the werewolves are quite exhausted after beating the hell out of Red Mage for so long.
Black MageYeah, really. It's almost as if they went out of their way to attack Red Mage in the most time consuming, excruciating way imaginable.
ThiefHey! Maybe now they're so winded from their brutal and relentless attacks, that we can strike them down!
Red MageActually... They haven't even begun to fight. They can still transform into their nigh-invincible wolf-man or "crinos" form.
Black MageCrinos? Don't you mean kinkos? What're they gonna do, color us to death?
Fighter and Thief stare at Black Mage.
ThiefThat was pretty lame.
FighterI could've done better. I would've said something about swords. I like them, y'know.
Black MageLook, they can't all be the theory of relativity, okay?
Red MageExcuse me... Comrade bleeding to death over here. Maybe you--
Thief(interrupting) Wait, wait. I've got one. "Crinos? Mo' like bust you in the nose!"
Red MageI really... could use... a potion...
Black MageHow is that not lame?

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