8-Bit Theater
Episode 093
It's time to go!
Werewolves Do Not Play Well With Others
Date Published Friday, October 9th, 2001
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The Werewolves throw their toys (and Fighter) out of the pram.

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Black MageSo when are these things going into their alleged 'crinos' form?

The werewolves turn into their 'crinos' form.

Werewolf 1Eat fang, nancy boys!
FighterPoit? What a wussy sound.
Werewolf 2I'm not so sure that should be our battle-cry.
Werewolf 1Oh for the love of... now what!
Werewolf 2Well. 'Eating Fang.' It just sounds like a monstrous euphemism for kissing. I think we sould avoid that sort of imagery.
Werewolf 1Do you have to pick apart every little thing I say?
Werewolf 2Do you have to keep saying inane things?
Werewolf 1Are you trying to say I'm an idiot?
ThiefFighter, now!
Werewolf 2No no no. If I were you, I'd be trying to say that. But failing. In actuality, I am saying you're an idiot.
Black MageAttack them while they're distracted, you fool!
FighterOh yeah. Right. Sorry 'bout that. Yar!!!
Fighter tries to strike Werewolf 2 with his sword, but to no effect. The werewolves ignore him.
Werewolf 1That's it! I've had it with your condescending remarks. It's go time.
ThiefUm. He doesn't seem to be doing any kind of damage.
Red Mage(collapsed on the floor) Like I said. You need silver weapons. Or at least a magical +1/+1 weapon.
Fighter tries to strike Werewolf 2 again, but to no effect. The werewolves continue their argument.
Werewolf 2Bring on the noise, punk.
FighterYaha! My dragon's fire attack is invincible!
Werewolf 1 tosses Fighter away.
Werewolf 1Outta the way, little man. Some thwack is gonna get thrown down and we wouldn't want you to get hurt.
Werewolf 2Yes we would!
Werewolf 1You're doing it again!
FighterGuess we oughta take Red Mage back to get healed.
Black MageOr we could leave him here to rot!
Fighter and Thief take Red Mage away.
Black MageYou guys suck.

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