8-Bit Theater
Episode 096
Comic genius
Kant We Have an Intelligent Discussion for a Change?
Date Published Monday, November 19th, 2001
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The Light Warriors discuss the Random Encounter they just had.

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Cut back to the Light Warriors. Fighter and Thief are carrying the wounded Red Mage.
Black MageY'know, this is really pathetic.
FighterWhat is?
Black MageWe just started our big important quest thing and we couldn't even get past the first encounter!
ThiefWe didn't lose.
Black MageWe didn't exactly win either. Captain Moron over here nearly got slain.
Red MageI'm not dead yet...
Black MageDon't tempt me.
FighterWell, it was a good experience for us as a group anyway.
Red MageActually, since we don't get experience unless we defeat the monsters, it was a complete waste of our time.
ThiefWhat're you talking about?
Regardless of whether or not the monsters were killed, we had an experience. You can't deny that.
Red MageIt's the law of our universe as chronicled in the player's handbook which was first scribed by--
ThiefLook, I don't care what your books say...

All I know is that we, as temporal beings, exist in time.

Our reality is the space of experience measured in time.

Since the encounter did not happen outside of time-- as evidenced by the fact that we were capable of sensing it--it was experienced by us.

Red MageI think we're operating under different meanings of 'experience'.
FighterI think I'm bored out of my mind.
Black MageI think you'd first need a mind to be bored out of.
FighterGood point.

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