8-Bit Theater
Episode 101
Yes, lets!
They Sure Don't Act Like Light Warriors
Date Published Thursday, December 20th, 2001
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Fighter makes a rallying call, but everyone else seems disinterested.

Cast AppearingEdit



FighterOkay, guys. Let's head out into the perilous world and go get that arch-villain Garland!
Time passes...
Red Mage(reading a Scroll of Gugax) "Chaos theory, the D2O and you." Fascinating.
Black MageIf I could construct a robotic power suit to further augment my evil a la Dr. Doom...
ThiefIf the issue of hungry nomadic polar bears were brought up, then perhaps icebox's could indeed be sold to Eskimoes...
Black Belt(to White Mage) And you were going to join these guys?
FighterWon't anyone heed the call to adventure? On ward and upward and backward and all that jive? Swords and sorcerery? Damsels in distress? Dungeons and... those fire breathing serpentine flying creatures of yore? Anyone at all?
White Mage(to Black Belt) Well maybe if a certain destined member of a certain monastic order could be bothered to be on time for a change...
Black BeltNow it's my fault? There were bricks and planks of wood on the way. What was I supposed to do, not break them?
White MageYes!
Black BeltBut that goes against everything I am!
White MageThey were building a new town hall!
Black BeltWith some pretty shoddy materials apparently.
White MageUgh!
FighterSomehow, this is not what I though being a Light Warrior would be like.


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