8-Bit Theater
Episode 102
Anything for you, dear
"And it's always there, just waiting to suck."
Date Published Thursday, December 27th, 2001
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Black Belt reveals his secret evil plot to... save the world.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageOkay, let's go to Garland's castle already so Fighter'll shut up about it.
Red Mage(to White Mage and Black Belt) Will you two be joining us on our quest?
White MageOh, er no. We have to um...
Black BeltLet you suckers run around in front of us to kill all the vile monsters that lay in wait so we can travel safely in your wake of carnage and save the world while you serve as a decoy to all the evil.
The Light Warriors are confused.
White MageWhat part of secret confused you?
Red Mage(thinking) If they don't fight, then that means more experience for me. Suckers!
Thief(thinking) My highly tuned thieving senses have detected the hint of a scam here...
Black Mage(thinking) If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were using us like a bunch of pawns in their grand scheme to make the world a better place! But that's just crazy.
Fighter is thinking of The Family Circus newspaper comic showing a dad driving a car with his child on the front seat. The Sun is blinding the child. The caption reads: "Daddy, will you move the sun, please?"
Fighter'Move the Sun.' Hehe, it's funny every time!
Black MageI am going to stab you so much.

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