8-Bit Theater
Episode 106
We'll soon find out…
Hey, They Made It
Date Published Monday, January 7th, 2002
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The Light Warriors reaches their destination, which is just what their Tom Tom said.

Cast AppearingEdit



The Light Warriors are outside the Temple of Fiends.
Black MageIs the front window busted?
Red MageWho's going first?
Black MageI'll share the back row with whomever wants me to stab them repeatedly. Back off.
A sign with an arrow pointing to the temple says


Fighter enters the temple.
ThiefI'll stick near, though not actually in, the back row. I take hits like a little school girl.
The sign now reads


Red MageWhere'd Fi--ooh!
Red Mage enters the temple.
Black MageFair enough. At any rate I'd much rather be stuck next to you than Fighter. Maybe we can exchange theories and practices of evil in between battles. Lemme just find my list...
Black Mage looks up to find Thief has gone. The sign now says



Black MageUh...

Thief? Red Mage? Moron?

The sign now reads

Free Pie!

Black MageHa! Give me some credit. I know a trick when I see one. I won't fall for that so easily.
The sign now reads

Free Pie!
The pie is
also evil.

Black Mage charges into the temple. The next frame shows "Evil" Princess Sara above the sign.

SaraIt's almost too easy.

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