8-Bit Theater
Episode 1087
Episode 1087
Even though it looks like a piece of cake.
Exalted Feat
Date Published Tuesday January 27th, 2009
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Now I wonder why I never wanted to be a dual-class Ranger.

Cast AppearingEdit



RangerNo. Not a bow and arrow.
RangerBut rather it is a bow and three arrows!
SardaMake it thirty. I still wouldn't care, but it'd at least be impressive.
RangerThis is only the beginning of your downfall, Wizard.
Sarda(To the Onion Kid) Why don't you get your Uncle Sarda a drink. He has to kill a man.
SardaNow then.
"Wizard"? Are you kidding me? Wizards do parlor tricks. I throttle the heavens.
RangerBehold! For as a ranger, I possess the rare and enviable Dual-Wield!
RangerHave you a sense of the sudden and violent brevity of your future?
SardaThat's... This is what you're going with? Dual-Wield.
RangerMoreover! As a ranger/ranger, I can dual-wield my Dual-Wield!
RangerBehold the mythical art of quad-wielding and its dodecarrow storm!
SardaHow are you holding those?
RangerIt's not easy.
RangerReally hurts the neck.

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