8-Bit Theater
Episode 1088
Episode 1088
If ever there was an Oh, crap moment...
Date Published Thursday January 29th, 2009
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Now I know why I never wanted to be a dual-class Ranger.

Cast AppearingEdit



RangerThis is it. Your life of what I must assume to have been a lot of tyranny is at its end!
RangerI can't see...
Um. Are you still there?
RangerAh-ha! It was a trick, for which you fell.
RangerWhereas previously your location was unknown to me, your voice has given away your position!
RangerPerhaps you could say something else for me.
RangerOr maybe whistle? Or stamp your feet? Any sort of noise would help out.
Sarda walks off-screen.
RangerFine, it doesn't matter. I've nocked enough arrows to qualify as a piece of artillery.
Ranger fires all of the arrows, which fly directly toward the Onion Kid.
Onion KidGuess I ran out of parents.

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