8-Bit Theater
Episode 108
Don't you think you guys should monitor the dungeon-cam?
Garland Just Don't Get It
Date Published Tuesday, January 15th, 2002
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The Light Warriors are trapped inside a cold - yet unusually welcoming - dungeon.

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The Light Warriors are in a dungeon. A poster on the wall is off a bomb with the word smile! written above it.
Black MageMan, I can't believe you guys were stupid enough to get caught. Sheesh.
ThiefHow are we stupid if you got caught too, hm?
BM's razor sharp wit cuts an answer from a myriad of lies!
Black MageI meant to get captured!
A wizard did it!
Hadoken them into the grave!

(speaking) Don't change the subject.

ThiefRight. Anyway, where do you think we are?
Black MageThe subject being that you are stupid.
FighterKinda looks like a dungeon
Red MageOnly without bars.
ThiefAnd a generally friendly atmosphere.
Meanwhile... else where in the castle.
Garland and "Evil" Princess Sara are in a high-tech war-room with a dungeon-cam showing the Light Warriors in the dungeon.
GarlandWhere'd you get all this high-tech equipment?!
SaraA wizard did it. Anyway that's not important now.
GarlandA wizard?! That's doesn't even make sense. I want his name. His true name if possible.
SaraLook, do you accept the existance of War-Mech?
On the Dungeon-Cam, Black Mage brandishes his dagger.
GarlandYou'd have to be a fool not to.
SaraOkay then. So what's wrong with a war-room?
On the Dungeon-Cam, Black Mage stabs Fighter in the back.
GarlandStill. It seems awfully extravagant, don't you think?
SaraThat's what villains are! It's what separates them from bandits and lackeys!
On the Dungeon-Cam, Black Mage unleashes a Hadoken.
GarlandI suppose you're right. And all this stuff certainly is impressive looking. I'm sure to make it big now!
SaraWell, when you spend half of your life in and out of villains' hideouts, you pick up a few pointers. Now to take care of our guests.
The dungeon-Cam shows static.
GarlandIs this where my fresh baked cookies come into the master plan?
SaraAre you even trying?

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