8-Bit Theater
Episode 1090
Episode 1090
The Arrows in the Fridge trick. I should have known.
Not Sunny D
Date Published Tuesday February 3rd, 2009
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Sarda shows just how much he really doesn't like Ranger.

Cast AppearingEdit



Onion KidWhat happened to that arrow guy?
SardaOh, him?
RangerHoney, I'm home.
RangerHmm, a note...covered in blood, hair and brain.
Ranger"Dinner is in the fridge.

-Your wife."

RangerHow strange that she would not use her name or handwriting. Oh well!
RangerO.J., purple stuff, my brutally murdered wife...
The arrows fly out of the refrigerator, skewering Ranger.
SardaHe went home.
Onion KidI've never had a home.
Not for very long, anyway.
SardaThat's funny, I don't remember asking to hear all about your dull little life-story.

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