8-Bit Theater
Episode 1096
Episode 1096
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Date Published Thursday February 19th, 2009
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Drizz'l finally takes charge, and the Dark Warriors may well meet their end for it.

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Drizz'lLet's say you meant that metaphorically, Bikke.
BikkeI don't know what no "Medafrohicky" be, all I's knowin' is ye better turn this ship about to shoot them broadside.
Drizz'lShip? We're in a temple.
BikkeAye! Temples be the ships o' the land. Everyone knows that.
Drizz'lI have nothing to say to that, because there is nothing to say.
GarlandI think what Bikke means--
Drizz'lWho cares!
He's illiterate, can't count, and slightly drunk at all times.
BikkeI wouldn't say slightly.
Drizz'lWe're not taking naval-inspired advice from a man less sea-worthy than a bag full of rocks.
Drizz'lWe are summoning fell underbeasts from the depths of Hell to do our bidding and that's final.
VilbertYou mean our bidding, of course.
Drizz'lThat is what I said.
VilbertOh. I assumed you'd slip up and say "my".
Drizz'lWell, I'm a good liar.
Drizz'lNow let's get to work before you think about that too much.
GarlandSounds reasonable to me.
Drizz'lFirst, I need you three to stand in the circle of fatal sacrifices.

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