8-Bit Theater
Episode 109
At least those cookies aren't ruined.
A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way
Date Published Thursday, January 17th, 2002
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Garland caters for his new guests.

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GarlandHey, what happened to the Dungeon-Cam?
SaraUgh. If those morons managed to escape while I was trying to explain to you the importance of actually being evil for the purposes of villainy...
GarlandDon't worry, Evil Princess Sara. I'll go check on them.
I hope it's warm enough in there. The Guest Dungeon can get awful drafty this time of year.
Cut to the dungeon. The picture on the wall and Black Mage are on Fire, but everyone else is unscathed. Helpful little labels point out "Fire", "More Fire.", "Black Mage.", "Knife in the Back.", and "Fighter".
ThiefHow did you not only miss us, but manage to zap yourself?
Cut to the war-room.
SaraThey've got two mages in their party. Of course I had a wall spell cast on the dungeon walls.
Cut to the dungeon.
Red MageAnd now that Fighter's been taken out--
Fighter(out of frame) Not so fast, RM!
Fighter stands up.
ThiefBut... how?!
FighterHeck, Black Mage does that all the time!
Black MageAnd it never fuggin' works!
Garland walks in.
GarlandHi guys. So how are things?
Can I get you anything? Perhaps some fresh cookies.
There's some Mr. Pibb in the fridge. If you like.
Cut to the war-room. The Dungeon-Cam seems to be working again.
SaraHe's ruining everything!
Cut back to the dungeon.
GarlandOkay, so that's two Mr. Pibbs, a Dr. Pepper, an RC cola, a bucket of cheesy chips, some chocolate bars, a chocolate bar in the shape of a sword, and a giant bowl of popcorn. Anything else I can get you?
Black MageEr, no. That'll... uh be just fine. Thanks.
GarlandGreat. I'll be back in a few minutes with your order.
Garland leaves the dungeon.
Red MageDid you see that?!
Black MageGarland is so hideously evil that he can afford to be nice before he kills us!
FighterHe must be so powerful that even the shiniest sword could not save us now!

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