8-Bit Theater
Episode 1103
"Why not?" is the real question.
Date Published Tuesday March 10th, 2009
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Red Mage is no longer with us... Or is he?

Cast AppearingEdit


The Temple of Fiends


Black MageHey, look at me! I'm an ugly jackass who talks about stats!
Durr, hur hur durr!
ThiefI don't get it.
FighterIs that... Is it black belt?
Black MageWhat? No, listen.
Dur hur, I wear a dress sometimes.
Hey, let's do some quests and level up the game!
FighterThat's a terrible Black Belt, man.
ThiefWell, it's close. He did use his mouth to speak.
FighterI guess. But beyond that?
Black MageIt's Red Mage. You know it's Red Mage, why are you being jerks?
ThiefRed Mage?
FighterI don't see it.
Black MageI'm wearing his goddamned hat.
ThiefHow'd you get that from him anyway?
Black MageI took it from his corpse.
ThiefHe's dead?
Black MageYeah.
Thief and Fighter stare at Black Mage.
Black MageOr not. I don't know.

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