8-Bit Theater
Episode 1104
Can't argue with that awesome display of rhetoric.
Informal Poll
Date Published Thursday March 12th, 2009
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To answer the top of the previous episode's page, yes and no.

Cast AppearingEdit


The Temple of Fiends


FighterHe doesn't look dead.
Black MageHere, we can fix that.
ThiefI think Fighter means it looks like he's in a coma.
Black MageYou see a lot of standing comas in Elf Land, do you?
ThiefOkay, and standing while dead makes so much more sense.
Black MageSkeletons, zombies, vampires, and the occasional zombull.
ThiefAre all undead and that's completely different as noted by the use of "Un-".
What did they teach you in clown school anyway?
Black MageNothing! I mean...It wasn't for clowns only, it...Shut up.
Look, I just want to believe that Red Mage is dead. Is that wrong? Really?
Seriously, who here has not wished him dead?
Fighter raises his hand.
Black MageWho here that counts?
Fighter looks down.

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