8-Bit Theater
Episode 1105
Ah, but Black Mage is only trying to be practical.
Wide Range of Uses
Date Published Saturday March 14th, 2009
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Red Mage doesn't seem fit for his new role in the party.

Cast AppearingEdit


The Temple of Fiends


ThiefWe can't afford to lose a member when we're this close to the end.
Black MageJust because he's useless now doesn't mean he's less useful than he used to be.
ThiefI'm listening.
Black MageHe can't cast spells or fight, but honestly, he was pretty crap at those things before.
In that light, what has changed?
ThiefHe's quieter now.
Black MageIs that a complaint?
ThiefGod, no.
Black MageHere's our options as I see them.
Use him as a living sword.
Or a living club.
Living armor maybe.
Or a living shield.
ThiefWouldn't that be the same as...
Black MageOf fire!
ThiefThat's a long way to go just to hurt someone.
Black MageYeah.
Black Mage smiles.

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