8-Bit Theater
Episode 1107
Episode 1107
Because if your society didn't have rules, then what good would it be?
Heartfelt Reunion
Date Published Thursday March 19th, 2009
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Is it surprising to anyone that Bikke is alive at this point?

Cast AppearingEdit


The Temple of Fiends


GarlandYou tried to kill us.
Drizz'lThis'll sound strange, but I had a really good reason for it.
GarlandSuch as?
Drizz'lYour deaths would have made me happy.
GarlandThat's... That's a terrible reason. By every metric.
Drizz'lBut not by the metric of my happiness.
BikkeHe do be havin' a point.
Code o' the Pirates: ye be encouraged to kill for personal gain, for pleasure, or boredom.
GarlandDo pirate codes apply on land?
BikkeLand be a kind of sea.
GarlandHe's not a pirate!
BikkeEven more impressive that he be livin' up to the codes then.
Drizz'lAm I back on the team now or what?
GarlandYou have to promise that you won't kill us.
Drizz'lNo, I will never make that promise.
BikkeI'm so proud of ye.

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