8-Bit Theater
Episode 1148
Episode 1148
Here is Red Mage taking the Pro-Anti-Sarda-Tactic. Next, counterpoint by Thief.
Nearly Every Contingency
Date Published Saturday, 4 July 2009
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Egotistical Thief pokes holes on the most "perfect" plan. Idiot Fighter slices it open.

Cast AppearingEdit



ThiefI have a concern about the plan.
Red MageI am of an open mind and I am willing to hear criticism. Also: that's stupid and you're stupid.
Red MageGo on.
ThiefWell, ignoring the highly suspect part where Fighter can block ethereal energy...

And the more suspect part where you have to cast every spell at once...

And the grossly suspect part where I have to dodge explosions while I'm in them...

There's the most suspect part of all where Black Mage can hit what he wants to.
Black MageI get eager.
Red MageDoubting every step of the plan is no reason to doubt the plan itself.
ThiefNo, it's the best reason to doubt it.
Red MageLook, so much can go wrong before the thing you're most worried about has a chance to go wrong that it's not even worth worrying about, is it?
Red MageSo, let us forge ahead!
Red MageSorry, can't hear you over the forging, Thief.
FighterHow do we get out of here?
Red Mage is speechless...

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