8-Bit Theater
Episode 1150
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Stuck In The Middle With You
Date Published Thursday, July 9, 2009
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Black Mage thinks he can make a better plan than Red Mage. Can I say "unrealistic expectations"?

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Red MageOkay, I've got it.
Red MageWe just need to make two portable holes.
Black MageThat'll be difficult due to the total lack of materials, but it's not technically impossible.
Red MageAnd each one has to be the size of the universe.
Black MageWhat?
Red MageThen we drop the universe into one hole, and drop that hole into the other one, and then reality will be here!
Black MageSo, you want us to build a thing that's the size of everything using nothing.
Red MageYes.
Black MageTwice.
Red MageYes.
Silence from Black Mage...
Black MageThat is quite literally the least practical plan put together by an allegedly thinking creature.
Red MageIt's so easy to criticize, isn't it.
Can you think of something better?
Black MageYes! By definition, anything I say will be better!
Red MageWhat if you say three or more universe-sized holes? Hmmm?
Black MageI won't.
Red MageWell, go on, then.
Let's hear your idea, smart guy.
Silence, with Fighter suffocating on the ground...
Black MageAll I can think of is the damn three hole version! Argh!

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