8-Bit Theater
Episode 1157
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Date Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009
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Just remember the plan!

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Red MageWe can't practice.
We went to the A-Holeverse to reveal my plan out of Sarda's purview.
Red MageIf we show if off now, the jig will be quite up.
FighterOkay. Just give me the very detailed step-by-step then.
Red MageThat's exactly the thing we did the other thing to avoid what we're trying to avoi--
Black MageLook. It doesn't matter.
We'll stand him where he needs to be, face him the right way, and instinct'll do the rest.
FighterAh, a hugging plan, is it?
Red MageGood enough.
Red MageThat just leaves the Thief issue then.
Black MageThe way I see it, if we kill him before he ditches us, okay yeah, we're screwed, but he's dead.
ThiefYeah, I can hear you.
Black Mage faces Thief, examines him with a narrowed eye, and starts thinking...
Black MageSo, ultimately, we're better off.