8-Bit Theater
Episode 1160
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Date Published Saturday, August 8, 2009
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Red MageThat's enough boobery for now. We've got a mega-wizard to kill.
Red MageWe can do this, guys. All we have to do is keep our focus.
Black MageHeh. Boob.
Drizz'l(running) Ahhhh!
Drizz'lI mean... everything is fiiine.
Red MageIs it?
Drizz'lYes. Extremely, very, quite fine.
Red Mage scratches his chin...
Red MageHis story checks out.
Let us proceed casually with our guards lowered!
The other Dark Warriors run away.
GarlandCrazy wizard!
VilbertKill us all!
Drizz'lThey're probably talking about something else.
Change of topic:
I have to follow them.
Red MageForward and onward to complete safety!

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