8-Bit Theater
Episode 1179
So, same as always?
Everything Will Be Fine
Date Published Thursday, October 1, 2009
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Black Mage is stupid. Sarda shoops his lazer.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • The forest near the Temple of Fiends


ThiefDo we have any idea what is going to kill us this time?
Red MageMy guess? He'll erupt into a brilliant column of light that'll redistribute the elemental, magical, and evil energies he absorbed.
Red MageWe'll be relatively safe.
Black MageHow relatively?
Red MageSlightly to not-at-all. We'll be lucky to have any skin left.
Sarda(energy weakening) This... this isn't right.
Black MageThanks for the update, Spanky.
Sarda(on his knees) This... will not be...
ThiefDammit, how was he able--
SardaI am Sarda.
And I am older than time. I possess a power beyond mortal imagination.
SardaMy plans will not be undone by such amateur-hour horseshit as absorbing too much power and exploding.
SardaI am Sarda. My will be done.
Black MageI guess he has give this a few billion years more thought than we have.
Sarda becomes re-energized and the whole forest explodes in a bright blue laser.

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