8-Bit Theater
Episode 117
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Imps Aren't Nice
Date Published Wednesday, February 13th, 2002
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Garland prepares to say his evil speech.

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Garland and Sara enter the dungeon.
ThiefIf I double cross my comrades, maybe I can live.
Red MageI told you we should've leveled up first!
FighterGarland! At last we meet! Again. Er, wait...
Black MageJust make it quick.
Garland(thinking) Okay, Garland. This is it. This is your chance to shine. This is your moment in the Sun. Er, wait, shouldn't it be 'my moment in the dark' since I'm evil...
Anyway, just don't screw this up. All you've got to do is read from your script.

I'll just open up the ol' scroll here and...

The scroll reads:-

Imp Fake Speech
by Impish McImp
all work and no
play makes
Garland a

Below the speech is a picture of four Forest Imps and a scared Garland.

GarlandBut Sara, this isn't what you--
SaraJust do it already!
Garland faces the Light Warriors.

So. Uh... eheh. I... you.

Black MageCough!
Garland(whilst reading the script) Why would they draw that?

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