8-Bit Theater
Episode 1189
No faeries were harmed in the making of this comic, except for the one they are talking about.
Back in Action
Date Published November 10th 2009
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What's a Faerie?

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A city


Red Mage Okay. I've got a lead on a faerie and this caravan and blah blah.
Black Mage You're making this way more complicated that it has to be. Behold:
A mother holding her infant baby is shown.
Black Mage Our "faerie".
Red Mage But that's a baby.
Black Mage Until we glue wings to its back.
A pair of faerie wings are shown.
Red Mage Where'd we get the wings?
Black Mage Ripped straight from the back of a real faerie, of course.
Red Mage Wait. If we HAVE acces to a real faerie, then why don't we just use that?
Black Mage Think it through, Red Mage. We had to kill it after ripping its wings out. They need those to live.
Red Mage I guess what I'm asking is: Then why'd we rip its wings out to begin with?
Black MageTo put on a baby's back.
Red Mage What glories could I work were I given back those last two minutes of my life?
Fighter Probably, like, lots.
Black Mage is incapacitating the mother while Thief steals the baby.

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