Episode 1196: The Weapon Shop

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8-Bit Theater
Episode 1196
Episode 1196
With a side helping of Tournesol
The Weapon Shop
Date Published November 24th 2009
Previous Comic Episode 1195: Equipped for the Job
Next Comic Episode 1197: Magic Shop
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The Light Warrior's quest to buy stuff fails.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A city's weapon shop


Red MageGreetings, shopkeep!
My band of hearty adventurers and I should like to purchase various and deadly weapons on this fine day.
ShopkeepThen you come to the right place, you did.
Red MageYes, I thought so too!
Red MageNow watch as I get us an amazing deal.
Red MageWe'd like to buy Excalibur, the Masamune, two Laevateinns, and, hmm, Durandul please.
ShopkeepMate, I don't know what manner'a smiffy you're used to, but this here establishment don't parly in mythic items straight from the hoardy mists of legend.
Red MageWe'll take a Spellslinger's Longsword and for my shady looking friends, a pair of Maurader's Knives.
Red MageEnchant the armored brute's Chainblades My technical and bad ass term for the lamentably named "Sword-Chucks" with accuracy gems.
Red MageBetter put Ever-Burning Double Mega Vorpal Enhancements on the lot.
Red MageWe'll make heads roll.
And burst into flames.
From across the street.
ShopkeepLook, mate. I don't need this. There's real work what needs seeing to. Now, we've got both kinds of weapons here.
ShopkeepSwords and axes.
Red MageI should have known this was a podunk forge when there weren't any Mithril Automaton Servants.

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