8-Bit Theater
Episode 1203
Episode 1203
Fighter is apparently compensating for his roughly six lines over the past 500 comics
Date Published December 12th, 2009
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The Light Warriors confront the weapons of pain.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A city


Red Mage(While holding the weapons) Okay, let's divy up some mega loot.
Red MageQuick question. Why do my hands feel like they're burning as if seared by the light of an angry and righteous god?
Thief(Taking a dagger) Oh, quit being a fruit and give me a dagger.
ThiefI think the idiot celestial who made this thing forgot that handles aren't made out of pain.
Black MageShut up and gimme. I'm moving on up to axe murdern' people.
Black Mage takes the axe and bursts into fire
Black MageI appear to have come aflame.
Fighter(While holding the sword) Are you guys okay?
Black MageThat sword's not hurting you, Fighter?
FighterOf course not. How could it hurt me?
FighterUnless it was secretly wielded by my enemies!
FighterBut I don't have enemies.
FighterUnless secretly I do!
FighterBut I'm not one of them.
Black MageThis is gonna eat up a lot of daylight.
FighterUnless secretly I am!

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