8-Bit Theater
Episode 120
Exploring new ways to get lost
Checkin' in on WM and BB
Date Published Thursday, February 21st, 2002
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Black Belt and White Mage get lost somehow.

Cast AppearingEdit



White MageHow did you get us lost?!
Black BeltWe're not lost. We're, uh... exploring.
White Mage"Exploring"?
Black BeltEr yeah. Y'know, for treasures and stuff.
White MageI see. And it doesn't bother you at all that we're doing this instead of fulfilling our destiny?
Black BeltNot really. I figure the world owes us--or or it will owe us when we triumph as per our destiny. So what's wrong with taking some now?
White MageHow does the world owe us for doing the right thing?
Time passes...
Black BeltI think I saw a treasure chest around here somewhere.
Black Belt walks out of frame to the right.
White MageOkay. We'll talk about the ethical ramifications of using destiny for profit later.
Right now, I'm more worried about our decoys. They could be in danger.
Black Belt(out of frame) If you're so hung up on this whole 'destiny' thing, then you shouldn't be worrying.
White MageHow do you figure that?
Black Belt(out of frame) Well, if you really believe that we're all just playing out pre-destined roles to save the world, then technically we've already won.
It's just a matter of catching up with fate.
Black Belt appears to the left of White Mage.
Black BeltEr... how did I get back here?
White MageI knew it! We are lost! Grah!
Black BeltSpeaking from a purely philosophical perspective, we're not lost so much as spatially displaced.
White MageYou failed philosophy, didn't you.
Black BeltBig time.

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