8-Bit Theater
Episode 122
We know it's you, Dr. Swordopolis!
A Chromatic Experiment
Date Published Thursday, February 28th, 2002
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Sara confronts Garland, who poses as "Barry". Meanwhile, White Mage and Black Belt meet up with the party...

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SaraThere you are.
SaraNow get back to the guest dungeon and destroy those meddlesome Light Warriors!
GarlandEr, um, ahem--I think you must have me confused for somebody else.
Sara(thinking) I am not believing this.
SaraGarland, we don't have time for this, so if--
GarlandGarland? Who is Garland? I am... uh...
A short silence...
GarlandBut I'd have to say, and this is a completely unbiased opinion mind you...
It sounds like this Garland guy is really evil. And good looking.
Sara closes her eyes in disbelief
GarlandAnd you should go easy on him. Remember, this is his first time being a real villain.
SaraOkay,'Barry'. If you see Garland, let him know that I will personally carve the word "agony" over every inch of his flesh with a rusty knife.
GarlandSince you put it that way--ahem--I mean, I'm pretty sure I saw Garland in the vicinity of the guest dungeon. I'll just go relay that message of yours.
Garland(thinking) I just hope this disguise works on the imps as well as it has on Sara!
Mere moments later, on the way to the guest dungeon...
Black Belt and White Mage meet Garland, who took off his "disguise".
Black BeltAccursed fiend! What were the odds that he'd run into us within this impossible maze!
White MageIt's just one hall!
How could he not find us?
Three minutes later, in the guest dungeon...
Black Belt and White Mage meet up with the Light Warriors.
Black MageSo. How's it goin'?

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